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The “open” border between India and Nepal is fertile ground for the trafficking of women and girls. Passing through this border is an informal process, and Indian and Nepalese citizens can travel from country to country without any documentation. This is an opportunity human traffickers recognize and exploit.

Free for Life’s cornerstone program is border monitoring between India and Nepal. At our station — located in Panitanki, India  — trained staff members identify warning signs and intervene to rescue victims. This unique approach is highly effective within the region, and one of the most ethical forms of rescue to exist.

our response. 


Women and Girls Rescued in 2020

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Panitanki, India



REKHA'S STORYA whirlwind romance took a turn for the worse, and it all started on Facebook.  A MYSTERIOUS FRIEND REQUEST Rekha was raised in a supportive family — one that empowered her to continue her schooling into college. Even with this support, Rekha was in...


DEVINA'S STORY  A LONG JOURNEY The heat of the sun made it hard to breathe, as Devina wiped the sweat off of her forehead. She had been riding on a cramped and uncomfortable bus for nearly five hours when it finally stopped for a break. Devina leaned her head against...


ANANYA'S STORY A FAMILY FAMILIAR WITH THE PAIN OF TRAFFICKINGIn the mountains of Nepal, access to education and employment is limited due to the region’s remote location. Unfortunately, this makes the area a prime target for human traffickers. Imagine growing up in a...


CHANDRA'S STORY A BROTHEL UNCOVERED We, at Free for Life, work hard for the rescue and restoration of every girl we can. Recently, our team heard through a whistleblower that there was a brothel close to our Krishanagar Border Monitoring Station where the owners were...


SITA'S STORY ABANDONED BY HER FAMILY Although her father was a former missionary, Sita did not grow up in a family bursting with love. Sita always felt that her family did not want her, and the young girl was regularly ignored. Desperate for love, Sita was ecstatic...



Our goal is to create concerned citizens who can identify and appropriately respond to potential trafficking scenarios around them.


At our supported home, women and girls live in a family-style environment, where there is no time limit on their recovery.  Each survivor is encouraged to stay until she has completed her education.


Our scholarship program builds relationships with survivors of human trafficking, so that we can walk hand-in-hand with them as they achieve their dreams.

Free For Life International is fighting human trafficking around the world. We believe in freedom for all. 

Human Trafficking Does Not Stop in Times of Crisis, and Neither Will We.Our Response to COVID-19