Border Monitoring Data - Nepal

Free for Life partnered at Border Monitoring Stations in Nepal from 2010 - 2017 and rescued over 1,000 women and girls! See how below.
YearStationGirls / Women CounseledRepatriated to ParentsTotal Rescues
2010Krishnanagar (Nepal)15922933
2011Krishnanagar (Nepal)18916677
2012Krishnanagar (Nepal)189124697
Kodari (Nepal)14402531
2013Krishnanagar (Nepal)22825680
Kodari (Nepal)12533740
2014Krishnanagar (Nepal)327794131
Kodari (Nepal)4863655
2015Krishnanagar (Nepal)166771118
Kodari* (Nepal)1871626
Dhangadhi (Nepal)57748
2016Krishnanagar (Nepal)274459120
Dhangadhi (Nepal)14932429
2017Krishnanagar (Nepal)305175125
Dhangadhi (Nepal)16781048
Total From 2010-201725,5098481,018
* Station at Kodari was only functioning until April of 2015 because of the major earthquakes that hit Nepal.