Free for Life's History

Since 2006, Free for Life International has been fighting for the freedom and flourishing of those victimized by human trafficking and slavery

Free for Life was founded by Colette Wise and Dan Bercu.
Free for Life received official 501(c)3 status and established their partnership with what was at the time the only private shelter in Romania working with trafficking victims.

Free for Life created a partnership with Peace Rehabilitation Center in Nepal.

Free for Life joined The Department of Health and Human Services Rescue and Restore Coalition in Tennessee.

Free for Life launched the first Hispanic division “En Accion” to work with Hispanic trafficking victims, as well as law enforcement in the Nashville area.

Free for Life worked along side others to establish a law that did not exist in Tennessee to help victims and prosecute traffickers.

Free for Life established a partnership with the only shelter in Nicaragua exclusively working with minor trafficking victims.

Free For Life ended the partnership with the shelter in Romania, after finding a larger funder to cover all of their needs.

Colette Wise, founder of Free for Life, became the manager of the Rescue and Restore coalition for the next 3 years in the Nashville area.

Free for Life began supporting a border monitoring station on the Nepal / India border at Krishnanagar, in collaboration with Peace Rehabilitation Center.

Free for Life launched its Scholarship Program designed to help those at high risk of being trafficked, or who have been trafficked, in the areas of higher education, therapeutic classes, and training

Free for LIfe worked to strengthen the law in Tennessee enabling victims to receive better services and strengthen the punishment for traffickers.

Free for Life, in partnership with Doctors at War, produced the Multilingual Phrasebook, a tool for the identification of trafficking victims both in the United States and abroad. The phrasebook includes questions to identify trafficking victims in 47 different languages.

Free for Life was awarded a grant from The Department of Health and Human Services, to bring innovation through partnership for education to combat trafficking in Nashville.

Free for Life was awarded 5 scholarships, rescued 72 girls, arrested 6 traffickers, and counseled 2,600 about the dangers of trafficking in Nepal.

Free for Life was awarded this grant from The Department of Health and Human Services for the second time to continue their successful partnership toward education, and the combating of trafficking in Nashville.

Free for Life, along with PRC in Nepal, opened the very first border monitoring station in history on the Nepal / Tibet border.

Free For Life ended partnership with shelter in Nicaragua due to the government of Nicaragua closing small shelters.

Free for Life launched a tailoring program in partnership with PRC Nepal to provide rescued girls with sustainable job skills.

Colette Wise, founder of Free for Life, launches a series of radio broadcasts titled “The Traffick Report” to educate individuals across the United States, and in Middle Tennessee about the dangers of trafficking.

Free for Life, in partnership with PRC, rescued 123 girls from slavery and counseled over 1700 within the Nepalese community on the dangers of trafficking.

Free for Life successfully completed the first “Freedom Raid” on an Indian brothel – rescuing 11 girls and arresting 2 high profile traffickers.

To date Free for Life has globally helped to rescue and meet the needs of over 800 survivors of human trafficking.

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